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Fairfield-Suisun Adult School equips 43 adults with the tools for a better future

Fairfield - Families, friends, and loved ones gathered Thursday afternoon at Willow Hall in Fairfield to beat the heat and celebrate a momentous occasion as 43 graduates donned bluecaps and gowns to receive their High School Diplomas and GEDs.

Many of these graduates have been working towards this goal for a number of obstacle-ridden years, and the excitement for reaching this milestone could be felt by all in attendance.

Some graduates shared a little of the inspiring journey that led them to making earning their high school diploma or GED the next goal they would work towards. One such graduate, an immigrant from Venezuela, found that the Adult School was an opportunity to achieve a dream that her home country did not allow. Rommely Santana noted 'I found new opportunities in this country and one of them was to be able to join this program to get my high school diploma.'

Adult School graduates Edwin Lopez and Tais Mendonca receive esteemed Barbara Henson Memorial Award.

Each path to this moment was different than the other, but each underlines the grit and determination these graduating students developed along the way and the support system that made this accomplishment possible.

"These graduates have shown discipline, commitment, and courage over the past year to earn their High School Diplomas or GEDs," Kolakoski remarked, "We are so proud of them."

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