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Crema Nera Skin Reviving Ritual


Giorgio Armani offers luxury skincare created through the powerful combination of nature and revolutionary technology to impart instant results that last.

The reviving power of Reviscentalis™

Inspired by nature

The story of Crema Nera began over a decade ago in Pantelleria, a volcanic island off Sicily.
There, in the mineral-rich, fertile soil, an abundance of healing plants remain resistant to the harsh surrounding environment.
This extraordinary power of nature was the inspiration to create a collection of haute nature skincare with the highest level of efficacy, mirroring the best that nature has to offer.

An Extraordinary Resurrection Plant

For centuries, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia plant has been used by people in southern Africa for its healing medicinal properties. With its in-built immune system that prevents cell degradation, and stimulates autophagy – a process by which toxins are broken down and recycled to produce nutrients necessary to sustain survival – the plant stands strong in the face of environmental stressors such as UV light, extreme heat and cold. When deprived of water, the plant can lay dormant for long periods, appearing dead, but springing back to life once hydrated.

Reviscentalis™, the complex:
A Unique Tailor-made Extraction Process

In an aqueous extraction technique - unique to the Crema Nera formulation process - the leaves of the Myrothamnus Flabellifolia are heated at a precise temperature in pure crystalline water to awaken the plant from its protective, dormant state. By way of this meticulous extraction process, Reviscentalis™ amplifies the life-reviving properties of Myrothamnus Flabellifolia, thanks to potent active ingredients, teamed with life-enriching minerals.

Signature Texture

The transformative signature texture perfected over hundreds of trials to deliver an unforgettable skin experience that nourishes, firms, refines & illuminates. This texture is ideal for normal to dry skin, as well as during colder seasons and harsher climates. Cocooning skin in a decadent balm-to-oil texture, it delivers anti-ageing actions, along with intense nourishment and a sense of deep comfort.


Step 1

To activate the reviving power of Reviscentalis™ take a small amount of cream

Step 2

Feel the texture transform as you warm it up with your fingertips

Step 3

Massage on the neck, forehead, & cheeks, finish with gentle pressure on the chin



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