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About Armijo High School

  • In 1891, Armijo began as a small one-room school house with 30 students, and grew over the past 100 years to it's present size of 2,600 students. It has served it's alumni through world wars, depression, and many good years, encouraging it's students to take what they had learned and give to the community and the country. 

    Armijo High School History Timeline          AHS Yearbooks Online


    Though the buildings that housed Armijo have changed, the name and the purpose of Armijo has always remained. Since 1891, many people have passed through it's halls; people that went on to be famous, and people that are memorable in their own right. Armijo has survived a lot of damage; earthquakes, fires, and just trying to cope with time. Although Armijo was scathed a little, it always came through with just a touch more character than it had before. Armijo High School students have always been individuals, just as they are today. We have prospered over the ages, though it is the same today as it was one hundred years ago.. a place for learning.


    Armijo Library


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