VR In Education and The Classroom

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Why Virtual Reality?

  • Virtual Reality over the last few years has really taken off from bigger computer configurations all the way down to a mobile phone or handheld device. It has become reasonably affordable as well, but can also be expensive depending on the exact experience you are looking for. 

    Education and Virtual Reality are paired together very well offering students a extremely unique experience putting them right there in the middle of it all. So many options are available across many different subjects. In recent events we were able to offer a journey through the nervous system of the brain at the Science Fair held at Armijo High School, Hand someone the ability to weild their very own lightsaber from Star Wars at our famous Trunk-Or-Treat event during Halloween, and give students the ability to cast their own magic spells from their very own castle.

    This gives us the ability to expand imagination to an entirely new level offers us the ability to bring that WOW factor to learning and fully engage students with both a fun experience and learning environment.