Prospective Vendors

  • Prospective vendors may contact the Purchasing Department at (707) 399-5144 to inquire about potential business opportunities. A Purchasing staff member will assess the products or services offered against the District’s needs and, if appropriate, may direct the prospective vendor to fill out and send in a Vendor Profile Form.

    Prospective vendors wishing to provide unsolicited information about their company or offerings may send informational materials such as an introductory letter, a catalog, brochures or business cards. These materials may be mailed to:

    Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District
    Purchasing and Contract Services Department
    2490 Hilborn Road
    Fairfield, CA 94534

Licensed Contractors - Construction Trades

  • California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act ~ CUPCCAA

    The California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act is under the umbrella of the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Commission (CUPCCAC) and provides for alternative bidding procedures when an agency performs public project work by contract. 

    The District has elected to be subject to the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA). To that effect, the District maintains a List of Qualified Contractors for projects under the informal bidding requirements of the Act. Contractors wishing to be notified when a project is available within their line of work, and within the informal bidding threshold, can request to be added to the List of Qualified Contractors by filling out and submitting the Request for Inclusion – Contractor Registration Form.

    a. Public projects of $60,000 or less may be performed by negotiation contract or by purchase order (PCC 22032(a)).

    b. Public projects of $200,000 or less may be let to contract by the informal procedures set forth in the Act (PCC 22032(b)).

    c. Public projects of more than $200,000 shall be let to contract by formal bidding procedures (PCC 22032(c)).


    CUPCCAA [Contractor] Registration Brochure (Click here to complete)

  • Department of Industrial Relations - Compliance Monitoring for Public Works

    All vendors, contractors and subcontractors intending to bid or perform work on public works projects will be required to register, and annually renew, online with the Department of Industrial Relations. The cost to register for the program is currently $400.00 and is non-refundable. The requirement to use only current registered vendors, contractors and subcontractors on public works projects valued at $1,000 or more, applies to all projects awarded and paid for with public funds. No bid/quote will be accepted nor any contract or subcontract entered into nor purchase order issued without proof that the contractor or subcontractor is actively registered, and not listed on the debarment list. 

    Public works refers to construction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under contract/purchase order and paid by public funds.  For a more detailed explanation of public works projects, refer to California Labor Code 1720-1720.6, and 1725.5 You can also email questions to the Department of Industrial Relations at

    This information is being provided to vendors/contractors currently contracted with the District. A contract is any formal or informal offer, consideration and acceptance made by the District to a vendor or contractor.

What are We Asking you to do?

  • If the services you are providing the District, or may provide the District in the future, fall under the definition of “public works”, please ensure you are registered with the DIR.  Effective immediately, the District will be required to fill out a form alerting the DIR of the services you are providing the District. Detailed information is required to complete this form.  If the services you are currently providing the District fall under “public works” you will be asked to provide information needed to complete the DIR form. We ask that you complete this in a timely manner to avoid interruption in the services you are providing. 

    Please provide:
    • CSLB#
    • DIR#
    • Email address 

    More information can be located at The Department of Industrial Relations website;