Data Security

  • It's more important than ever to protect your computer/online accounts and student data! Account and data breaches can have long-lasting effects professional and personal lives.

Lock Your Computer

  • Lock

     Even when leaving your computer for a minute, remember these shortcuts to quickly and efficiently lock your computer for safety and security:

    Windows = Windows + L keys
    Mac Desktop = Control + Shift + Eject
    Mac Laptop = Control + Shift + Power
    Chromebook = Click the padlock icon in the status area menu
    Tablets = Press the power button without holding it too long

Best Practice

  • We often hear about people giving their password to a coworker because it's the only way they know how to get a particular piece of work done. Never do this. Call the technology help desk and describe the work.
    The technology department can make sure that every employee has the access they need to get work done using their own accounts. Sharing account information with others can lead to data breaches that the account holder will be held accountable for. Careers can be ruined in these cases, so don't let this happen to you.
    Students should not share their passwords, even with adults. We have ways to reset their password if necessary, so we should never maintain lists of student passwords and we should always require students to change their password from the default. Yes, even kindergarteners.

Password Strength

    Go to at any time to change your password or help a student reset their password.
    The minimum requirements for passwords at this time are 8 characters, 1 capital, and 1 number.