Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

  • The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of all of our students. Over the last two years the Fairfield Suisun Unified School District, in a collaborative partnership with the Solano County Office of education, has embarked on an ambitious effort to implement Positive Behavior Interventions (PBIS) with fidelity in all of our schools across the district.

    The primary goal of PBIS is to establish and maintain a positive school climate and culture therby increasing positive relationships between students and staff and increased academic engagement. The practices within PBIS place particular emphasis on teaching and recognizing behaviorial expectations specifically and consistently. 

    Schools that successfully implement PBIS have been shown to achieve the following valuable outcomes:


    • Reduction in the proportion of students who engage in behavioral disruptions.
    • Overall reduction in the number of behavioral disruptions.
    • Decrease in the number office discipline referrals and the resulting use of punitive responses such as detention and suspension.
    • Student self-reports of a more positive, calm and secure environment.
    • Teacher reports of a more positive, calm and secure environment more condusive to successful learning.
    • Increase rates of academic engagement.
    • Increase in attendance.




    Within the framework of PBIS, identifying and meeting student need is conceptualized along a continuum of service or tiers where interventions are delivered to match that need in order to achieve educational success. Typically, most students will benefit from those systems established on the universal or Tier One school-wide level. It is recognized that another smaller portion of students will need additional support at the Tier Two level and finally, another smaller group of students will need more intensive individualized support established at the Tier Three level. Site  PBIS Teams meet regularly to identify student need and determine interventions based on the  use of data to determine potential fit, appropriate intensity of intervention and to monitor student progress.



4 PBIS Elements


                                                 Four Elements  

    PBIS focuses on a systematic approach to identifying student need and challenges and to provide comprehensive support to both students and staff. It is understood that the use of data supports decision making, adopted practices support student behavior and established systems support the actions of staff. Further, all these elements, when implemented well have been shown to promote successful outcomes. The over-arching goal is to apply solutions that work in a cohesive manner that allows success to be replicated and to avoid approaches that are not efficient, effective and durable.



  • J.P. Grelet M.S., BCBA

    PBIS Coordinator - FSUSD


    (707) 399-1220


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